From the ​​Innovation and Development department in Eurogaza Emergencies we want to dedicate this blog to what some people recently defined as the future but that is already a real today, the connectivity and technology applied to emergency vehicles.

Not so long ago, those injured in battles were transported to field hospitals in donkey-drawn hooks and even today according to which cities or countries we can see antediluvian ambulances that are poorly adapted vans, without security for any of their users, most even the driver.

In Eurogaza Emergencies we not only provide our ambulances with the best materials, antibacterial and antiviral; as some of you will know our ambulances are being selected by various governments of the world for the transfer of coronavirus patients.

Thanks to its safety and hygiene, we are also constantly evolving to achieve maximum connectivity of our vehicles.

But what is that about maximum connectivity?

Well, quite simple, in cases of emergency, and in ambulances they usually are, we get the location, image and data that the cameras, sensors and gadgets installed into our ambulances collect, arrive in real time to a control console already in the hospital where a doctor can give instructions to save or stabilize a seriously injured person.

This that until now seemed science fiction will be tomorrow in the ambulances of all countries, even getting the cameras installed to zoom or synchronize the traffic lights of the city to get a free and fast access to the hospital.

This, thanks to 5G technology, is also due to the implementation by second phase transformers such as Eurogaza Emergencies, ours vans, equipped with the latest technological advances in both assistance and information management allowing the vehicle a better service, greater control and greater safety, both for the patient and for the drivers and health professionals who inhabit them.

The vehicle manufacturers are not yet ready, I insist on the word yet, for the ambulance without a driver, we believe that the human factor is necessary in cases of urgency, but the data obtained by our equipment transmitted to the professionals in the hospitals will increase the rate of saves in extremis by minimizing the latency time.

This 5 G technology can warn other nearby vehicles that you need freeway, so that drivers move off. Or you can even alert other ambulances on the way to the hospital, so that they coordinate so that the route that the ambulance travels takes priority to the salvation of the injured.

There are times when the advances make you dizzy, but from the Innovation and Development area we believe that all the steps forward with the objective of saving lives must be welcomed and Eurogaza Emergencies has committed to provide its ambulances with all these developments that tomorrow will be implemented in all emergency vehicles internationally, there is no doubt about that.

Undoubtedly, when on occasion we need the emergency vehicle services and see the Eurogaza Emergency logo inside our ambulance, we will think … how lucky I am….

We keep moving forward.

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